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"Water, nature's best medicine - Stay hydrated, stay healthy." Water is essential for life, regulating body temperature, aiding digestion, and transporting nutrients. It lubricates joints, cushions organs, and flushes out toxins. Proper hydration supports cognitive function, boosts energy levels, and improves skin health.

Benefits of an Office Water Cooler

An office water cooler fosters hydration, promoting employee health and productivity. It encourages social interaction, fostering a positive workplace culture. Additionally, it reduces the need for single-use plastic bottles, supporting environmental sustainability efforts and cost savings for the company.

Benefits of Water Cooler in Education

Water coolers in schools encourage hydration among students and staff, supporting optimal cognitive function, concentration, and overall well-being. They promote healthy habits and reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, contributing to better academic performance and long-term health outcomes.

Benefits of a Water Cooler in Healthcare

Water coolers in healthcare settings promote hydration among staff, patients, and visitors, enhancing overall wellbeing. Access to clean, refreshing water supports proper hydration, which is vital for patient recovery, staff alertness, and maintaining a healthy environment conducive to healing.

Benefits of a Water Cooler in a factory setting

Water coolers in factory settings improve productivity and worker well-being by providing easy access to hydration. Proper hydration reduces fatigue, boosts concentration, and enhances overall performance. Additionally, it fosters a safer working environment by promoting alertness and reducing the risk of heat-related illnesses.

Water is essential for good health - why?

Water is the main component of human body and a critical one, comprising 60% body weight for the average male and slightly less than this for the average female. Internally, the body's cells depend on water to maintain their function and volume, water is also vital for optimal plasma function and hence electrolyte balance. The body's organs also rely on optimal hydration for functioning at their metabolic peak. Given the critical role of water in the body and as the body is unable to store water, it's vital that any water lost (for example through perspiration) is replaced on an ongoing basis.

How can we do this?

Water can be added to the body in one of two ways, the first and most obvious is by drinking water, however, food is also a conduit for water intake particularly fruits and vegetables. The quickest, most effective and cheapest way to hydrate, however, is by drinking water. The amount of water that is needed is dependent on a number of external factors, among these, level of physical activity, the state of health and ambient temperature.

So, how much water do we need to drink a day?

A simple enough question with no single correct answer for everyone. However, general guidance is available, it is suggested that we consume about 8 glasses or 1.2 litres per day. Water and milk are the best choices for drinking regularly throughout the day (Source safefood), It is widely recognised that drinking sufficient water can lead to improved overall health.

If we don't optimally hydrate, what are the consequences?

Dehydration is a condition that occurs when the body does not have sufficient water to perform normal physiological functions. The most significant impact of mild dehydration in the short term is mood impairment. In the longer term, there can be an negative impact on cognitive function. Both of these factors can affect performance in the workplace. Therefore, during the course of the busy working day, it is important to hydrate regularly. Provision of filtered drinking water in the workplace is an effective way of increasing individual's water intake.

An optimally hydrated individual is a happy individual!

Consumption of adequate water results in increased energy and can promote weight loss, people that drink more water usually eat less because they are fuller. Drinking sufficient water helps to maintain body fluid balance and is also associated with a healthier complexion. Finally and most importantly, when you are optimally hydrated and your body is functioning at its best, you feel happier!

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